Remote Control

Remote Control

Crane radio control systems have been designed for easy handling of transported loads and it is capable to withstand tough operation conditions.




  • Allows further increase of productivity,
  • Helps to reduce the risk of accidents,
  • Device resistant to the most demanding industrial environments – completely sealed and electrically shielded,
  • Ergonomic design and performance for enhanced handling

Technical specification

  • 2-6 commands or fully programmable relay configuration (max. 16 relays outputs per command),
  • Energy efficient transmitter – low power consumption (2 AA batteries last up to 4 months),
  • Extra shock resistant relay designed specially for mobile devices,
  • Working temperatures: from -35oC to +80oC,
  • Casing protection class: IP 65,
  • Material: Fibreglass or durable nylon-fiber housing allowing extra shock resistance,
  • Operating range: up to 100m,
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to pre-wiring standard cable,
  • LED battery power indicator with 3 levels,
  • Acceleration delay time control (allowing smooth movement for multiple speeds cranes).

Safety features

  • Over 4.3 billions unique ID codes available,
  • Hamming code
  • Enhanced watch-dog